The Importance of Maintenance

Enhances Employees and Properties’ Safety
  • Supports healthy, productive, and safe environment.
  • Helps avoid costly work disruptions.
  • Addresses issues before they become urgent.
Saves Money
  • Prevents costly repairs.
  • Saves in utility costs.
  • Reduces operating costs.
Saves Energy, Improves Performance
  • Maximizes efficiency.
  • Improves system reliability.
  • Reduces energy use and expenses.
More Maintenance, Less Repairs
  • Increases equipment lifespan.
  • Reduces risk of catastrophic failure.
  • Reduces need for costly emergency repairs.

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Our Services

Servicing of Gas Detectors
  • Repair, service, and calibration.
  • Computerized calibration of personal, multi gas, and fixed gas detectors.
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
  • Inspection, refilling and certification of all types.
SCBA and Escape Sets Maintenance
  • Repair, service, and certification.
  • Computerized functional testing.
  • Refilling and hydro testing.
  • User training by approved trainers.
Servicing of Industrial Hygiene Equipment
  • Repair and Service.
Servicing of Breathing Compressors and Air Quality Testing
  • Repair of breathing compressors.
  • Computerized air quality testing of breathing air as per EN and NFPA standards.
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